Lost and Wandering

pixie pie and other delights

the party found themselves in the frozen wastes, the 23rd layer of the abyss, searching for the stolen possessions of Belant having a difficult time making it through the terrain, they found themselves face to face with a frost giant and his rime hound. trying to back away from the giant Hazel backed right into the ambushing jaws of of a Remhoraz and was taken out for most of the fight. But using some interesting tactics, the party managed to escape with their lives, and made it to a city surrounded by an iron wall that was in the midst of being beseiged.

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Graz'zt's Gala

the party attended Graz’zt’s party, ate food, got drunk, had sexy times with the “ladies”, and attacked Graz’zt.
After successfully dunking Graz’zt’s head into the scrying pool, Trogdor was ready to fight.
Graz’zt however was waiting for the attack to happen and instructed to “heroes” to wait a moment. he cleared the room so it was just the party and Graz’zt and his entourage. He explained his need for a messenger to hell and convinced the group to help stage his death.
This would make Iggwilv believe she was free and give the party the means to continue on through hell.


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