Desert of Amuhn

A mysterious Desert that requires constant re-mapping in order to traverse it safely.
Sultan’s Road

Many Centuries ago, the Sultan A’mahn whom the desert is named after ordered the construction of a road that went from one city to the next, all the way through the desert, ending at Vor Rukoth at the bottom of the continent. However, the desert sands grew angry and covered the roads in spite. The road still exists, but the desert sand may cause it to disappear on you if you are not careful. Many of the cities connected to the Sultan’s road have long been deserted and looted, and some of them are not as deserted as one might think.

one of the many stops in the Desert of Amuhn is Amaht’s Oasis

• Nearly constant sandstorms
• Lost civilization
• Scarce oasis refuges
• Small desert towns near sources of water
• Half finished/ruined monuments litter the desert

Desert of Amuhn

Lost and Wandering darioc